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So proud.

You know Ruth and you know how she keeps plugging away, following what she thinks and hopes is the right path… some weeks are really good, even magical, and other weeks when there are costly problems with the milk…well you can imagine. To be recognized with this award is so wonderful…and the money — that is very good also — because the money will enable Monforte to start a cheese school and begin to educate new cheesemakers… a long time dream of Ruth’s. Belief combined with knowledge is a beautiful thing.

Here is the link to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food web site and a short movie.
Ruth Klahsen, Monforte Dairy wins Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.

Future plans may include using the same fundraising model to fund a Monforte Farm where young farmers will be able to count on longterm land and where the community can come to learn and partake. Ruth: “I’m leaning toward a farm that models san patrignano.”


Photo: At left is Pamela runs the cut and wrap room with Daniel and at right is Jenna Grossman is going back to chef school but then coming back to set up events and raise money for farm.